Hello Dreamers! Within our friend group, we all have the art friend. This just so happens to be me. I, not long ago, got a 20 paged sketchbook. It didn't even last me a month. Currently I have a 60 paged one which has a character I am working on a called Ilana Dupreé who was mentioned in my last article (make sure to check it out). Enough talking (or writing), here it is; The struggles of being the 'Art Friend'...

This Question

Me: drawing quietly
Friend: You're so good at drawing! Can you draw me?
Me: Sure...

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Being Told This...

Me: drawing a decent looking person / face
Friend: How do you draw people?
Me: Practice, I guess...?
Friend: I can't even draw a stick figure!
Me: sighs

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Being Asked / Told This

Me: sketching
Friend: What's that?
Me: tries to ignore them
Friend: Ooh, what's that there?
Me: still trying to ignore this person
Friend: trying to figure it out
Me: This is ________ and this is _________.
Friend: I don't get it.

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This Question

Me: flipping through my sketchbook for blank page
Friend: That's a lot of drawings.
Me: Thanks!
Friend: Can I look through your sketchbook?
Me: unwantingly hands over the sketchbook

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Being Asked This Over And Over Again

(This actually happened to me)

Me: working on a sketch of a character
Person: That's a good drawing!
Me: Thanks, I'm working on it.
Person: Why are her eyes blue?
Me: ignoring
Person: Why does she have freckles?
Me: annoyed
Person: Why does she h ---
Me: Because that's how I like it and that's how I drew it...
Person: Oh ok. Why is tha ---
Me: gives this person a death stare
Person: leaves

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That's all for this article. Hope you guys enjoyed, and for all of those 'art friends' out their, you do not struggle alone. #ArtistsUnite

Amearli xoxo