I have watched a lot of shows, and here are some of my favorite friendships

Leslie and Ann [Parks and Recreation]

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"You made me watch all 8 Harry Potter movies. I don't even like Harry Potter!" "That's insane! You love Harry Potter! You've seen all 8 movies!"

Dwight and Pam [The Office]

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"...and office administrator Pamela Beesly-Halpert is my best friend."

Ivy and Raj [90210]

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"Not being with you is the hardest thing I've ever had to do."

Red and Kitty Forman [That 70s Show]

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"Red, do you think I'm smart?" "Oh, is that what we're gonna do today, we're gonna fight?"

Poussey and Soso [Orange Is The New Black]

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"Blasian is beautiful."

Phoebe and Joey [Friends]

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"So there's no one to walk me down the aisle and, well, I would just really love it if you would do it." "Seriously?" "Yeah, you've...you know, sort of been like a dad to me. I mean you've always, you know, looked out for me and shared your wisdom..." "I am pretty wisdomous."

Emily and Hannah [Pretty Little Liars]

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"Are you even sure Shana's gay? She barely looked at me." "That's the criteria?"

James and Alyssa [End of The F*ucking World]

Alyssa, and, and james image Alyssa, end of the fucking world, and end of the f***ing world image
"I've seen ya skating. You're pretty shit." *"F*uck off."*

Penny and Sheldon [The Big Bang Theory]

sheldon, penny, and the big bang theory image the big bang theory, penny, and sheldon image
"I believe you know why I'm here." "Well, I always figured it was to study us, discover our weaknesses and report back to your alien overlords."

Haley and Dylan [Modern Family]

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"I'm not saying I miss Dylan but at least he was romantic. David never sent me a jar of his own tears."

Gabi and Sofia [Young and Hungry]

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"How did I ever make it in Switzerland without you?" "You didn't, you burned down a restaurant."

Riley and Maya [Girl Meets World]

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"I'd rather be a fool with you than to be anything without you."