Hi, lovely people!

Almost finished with this challenge! Here is day 28: What is your love language?

🔸Physical Touch
I love long hugs with people I love, hold their hands and get a concern touch from them make me feel loved and appreciated.

couple couple

🔸Quality time
Spending time with the people you love is just amazing and lovely! Show them that you care and admire them; tell them you love them no matter what. Doing this to someone could mean a world to them.

aesthetic happy

🔸Words of Affirmation
Being complimented or encouraged by someone you love gives you that boost of confidence you need.

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🔸Receiving Gifts
It shows that you are thinking about the person you love. Especially if you've spent hours searching something that you know he/she will love it.

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So, that was it in a nutshell, I hope you liked it and it helps you make it easier to give and receive love.

The 30daychallenge is soon coming to an end, so stay tuned for the last ones

Thanks for reading my article!

Lots of love