Hello wonderful hearters! 💕 May your journey be full of delightful smiles and unexpected laughs!😄

Journey of thy heart♥️

Life is a constant journey of finding and becoming the true you. Which means it is a journey of the heart. First of all, we have to take a glance at our heart because that is the place where all your thoughts come to actions.The heart is so delicate and fragile, but at the same time it has an unstoppable power!

The heart is in fact the most important treasure that humans posses. Throughout our journey is going to be battered, not only once or twice but countless times and it is going to hurt a lot, and you will be tempted to lock it, close it, put it on a box and just make it disappear.However, that is not an option because you certainly can not live without it.

When we talk of the heart we usually tend to think about feelings and emotions but the heart is more than that, the heart is the core place inside you where you get to be your most true self.

Throughout our journey we’ll observe different phases that we have to encounter in order to become our true self. As we experience them, we realize that it it is not as easy. We will have to overcome many obstacles and problems. Without doubt that is exactly what happens to everybody, everyone is going to have problems, difficulties and trials but those do not appear just to hurt you, instead they appear in your life to help you become a better version of you. It may sound odd, or crazy but it is just the way it is. You would not learn anything in life if it was just a constant routine without adventures or unexpected surprises. Those are the pieces that give meaning to one's life...

So whatever situation you might be experiencing right now, just keep in mind that is just a phase that is there to make you stronger, perhaps at the moment is painting tears instead of smiles but just relax, keep going and know that you will certainly make it.

-With love for you💕
Bianca Ramos!
--->Sent to this world to create smiles 🌎✨