Hello again sweethearters,

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I'm back again with another monthly playlist, my second one so far. I was planning to post on the first days of march but I just kept postponing it, so yeah, a little late again. Just to give a background scenario, I just finished a watercolor painting and since I'm waiting for it to dry I decided to finally write this article. SOOOO here it is, the best of February:

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(once again I just want to remind that this is not a ((insert specific genre)) playlist, so you can find all types of things here, even anime songs :) feel free to read my cutie little descriptions of what I think of the songs so you can decide what suits your taste)

Bishops Knife Trick - Fall Out Boy

Let's start with this lil gem. This song delivers a deep dose of heavy emotions, I always get this kinda dark and provocative feeling, in my point of view the lyrics talk about battling with mental illness. PLUS I'm a HUGE fan of fob, they must be on my top 3 fav artists.

Crash - Trella

This melodious yet strong one talks about overcoming an abusive relationship, it's really impressive how powerful this feels. I personally FREAKING LOVE the "Crashing your label, I'm nobody's lady" part.

Sing of the Moon - The Collection

I swear I listened to this lil gem every morning when was raining and it had that cozy, fresh feeling. This baby here is so calm, melodic and harmonious.

Congratulations - Post Malone feat. Quavo

My brother showed me this lil swaggering babe and the lyrics UGH I really hope someday I can relate to this.

My Bad Luv - Blackbear

Another artist that I also love. If this is hip hop or R&B i have no ideia ( I'm not that good with genres) this is one of those songs that makes me wanna move my body, it's sensual but cheerful at the same time.

Want You Back - 5 Seconds of Summer

I've waited so long for 5SOS comeback and this has really paid off. I find this song really joyful, bright, fun, also, the guitar riffs (did I got it right?) are awesome.

Brazil - Declan McKenna

YAH BRAZIL. Don't judge my excitement okay, I'm brazilian. This 19-year-old indie rock songwriter is a pure genius, I'm not kidding, he wrote this song criticizing FIFA, all it's corruption, and the awarding of Brazil for the 2014 World Cup, when my country is passing through rough times, we used to discuss this a lot here. Besides he is always writing about important issues, he's a great kid and artist.

Someone to Stay - Vancouver Sleep Clinic

I first heard this song at an article of a friend of mine (shout out to Ana) it was love at first sight, god this song is sooooo delightful. This is one of those songs that start really soft and calm and progressively becomes more emotional, heart touching, powerful, dramatic (I guess this is called ballad). You can really feel the emotions, as if someone is begging for someone to stay (rsrs).

Voice - Standing Egg

I have an interesting story about this lil babe. I first heard this on some random playlist on spotify, and this types of songs sentimental, melodic, starts slow and then comes the climax, they always make me cry. But later, i watched the MV and.... I cried SO MUCH, for almost an hour, it's so sad. I spent one week without having the courage to listen to it again, it still makes me emotional.

Need To Feel Needed - Amber

Finally a happy song! This song is great for listening in the car, when the sun is setting. It's joyful, peaceful, smooth, lively, just like a calm summer day. Also Amber has the voice of an angel, it's so pleasing.


I feel like I didn't listened to kpop that much, but to compensate, this one is great. Just like the one above this lil gem is great to listen in the car while the sun setting. But man, I have highlight the minute 2:40 when the bambambam starts.

Even Summer - Jude Young

Another melancholic babe, this specific one is perfect for rainy autumn days. Also I love the lyrics "Even summer will come back/And I will take time to find myself/Until then I will hold back" to me this means I can be at my worst, but I'll endure it, and do my best, until I can be better.

He_Starlight - Kim Dongwan, Jeon Somin

This song is sadly unknown, but so good, calm, soft, another one perfect for rainy cold days.

Mine - Bazzi

YOU'RE SO FUCKING PRECIOUS WHEN YOU SMILE, I bet a ton of people know this song. I find this song so cute, I don't know why, but, come on have you seen the album cover of this single??

Diary - gugudan

Another cutie track. Okay, I freaking love this type of soft, dreamy-like kpop songs, they are so good to listen to when you wake up or when it's rainy or at any calm moment actually.

Sora wa takaku kaze wa utau - Luna Haruna

Finally the anime!! This is Fate/Zero second ending. Listening again to this brings me so many memories, I think I'm going to cry, this song is so emotional. Actually, on the last episodes I would always cry listening to this song because of Kiritsugu and Irisviel.

Nirvana - Tia(supercell)

Noragami Aragato ending. This song is so happy, cheerful, bright, it feels like a spring day. Plus, noragami is sooo daaamn gooooood.

Ready Steady Go! - L'Arc-en-Ciel

Fullmetal Alchemist second opening. DAMN this song makes me so nostalgic, I loved this opening. The beginning is like pure rock but then it gets a lot happier, cheerful. Also everyone loves this anime.

Kiss of Death - Mika Nakashima, Hyde

Darling in the Franxx opening. This one is new, and great. Shout out to the part Zero Two licks her lips, she is bae.

IDGAF - Dua Lipa

I don't listen to pop that much, but this one just wouldn't get out of my head, it's so catchy. I have to admit, Dua Lipa makes some good songs.

All night - Long D, Kim Doyeon of Weki Meki

I always get surprised when I find an eletronic (did I got the genre right?) korean song, but I always love them so much. Long D makes so great songs too, but sadly unknown. I also recommend "who did this to me", it's not like all night but equally good.

Stuck In Love - Kim Kyunghee

This one is so mystical, mysterious, magical, it feels like you're in a fairy tale with mystical beings in the deepest parts of a forest. This is the most calm song I have ever listened to.

There For You (Lontalius Remix) - Martin Garrix, Troye Sivan, Lontalius

I didn't listen to the other remixes but I promise I will. I just love the instruments in this version.

1-800-273-8255 - Logic, Alessia Cara, Khalid

Lastly, I don't know why but I always like to finish with an things-are-hard-and-sometimes-you-just-want-to-give-up-but-I-know-you-are-strong-darling-and-you-can-go-through-at-least-this-day-let's-breath-together-and hope-that-better-days-will-come song.

FINALLY, it took like 3 days for me to write this cause I'm lazy as fuck. but I hope you liked it. You're a warrior and I love you if you read and listened to everything, I put all of my heart, emotions and blood to write all the descriptions. Thank you, for real.

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