Dear myself, you are doing great, I know you are doing great
How do you now ?my soul!!
I see it. Don't your relies when ever u do something good you adding my beauty.
Yeah, i see that but sometimes people that i love dont see.
Myself, no one in this world have to see you like that..
What you mean my soul
I mean, it's enough me and allah. Aren't we your love
Yes you are ,but soul, at least they give me a nice react to make me feel i did something good.
Myself , do you believe in me..
Then myself no need for them. You hear to live to show me and allah u made it..
But why when i do something bad they start complaining and saying this and this.
Do i and allah complain when you do something wrong
Because you are learning from your mistakes.
What you mean my soul
I mean that in this life the true is me and allah.. Who u should care about and love. And trust. Don't worry if they didn't react and don't worry if they complain. Worry if allah and me don't see what u doing.. In last when you do something good, allah and me is seeing you and when you do a mistake, me and allah noticed that u are learning.. Forget about them and look who u have..
My soul you are amazing.
Myself you made me like that..
Hahaha oh yeah!!!