Well I guess this article is kinda about the weekend I had I'm not sure why I'm here typing it. I guess it could be because I don't know anyone on here personally. so I guess ill begin now

This weekend started off like any other I came home from school and watched Netflix as I waited on my father to come home. in that time my brain started to think and from there this whole weekend went to shit.

First I lost the one person I've known my whole life because she just decided our friendship had came to a end. I'm not sure what I did to make her decide this..I wish I knew.. I lost best friend at school as well because of some thing her other friends boyfriend said about me which isn't true but she doesn't want to be known as what they called me.which is fine I guess i understand.

the second thing happened today when me and my father was getting dinner a girl backed into our car nobody was hurt it was bad.. it just scared me because of all the shit thats happened to me in cars..

the third and final thing that has been happening that I noticed on Friday is my mental health is declining and I have no one to talk to honestly..and it hurts but I'm trying idk why.. I just wanna stop trying.. I'm so ready to give up..