Joseph Gordon Levitt.

joseph gordon levitt, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and black and white image camera, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and actor image
Actor. Birth (February 17, 1981).

Calum Hood.

hood, 5 seconds of summer, and 5sos image Image removed
Bass guitarist. Birth (January 25, 1996).

Dave Franco.

dave, hot guy, and dave franco image dave franco image
Actor. Birth (June 12, 1985).

Jesse Lee Soffer.

jesse lee soffer image jesse lee soffer image
Actor. Birth (April 23, 1984).

Stephen Amell.

celebrities, sexy, and stephen amell image Image removed
Actor. Birth (May 8, 1981).

Zach Abels.

Image removed zach abels, the neighbourhood, and the nbhd image
Guitarist. Birth (July 3, 1992).

Paul Wesley.

-beautiful, -man, and -boyfriend image Hot, Vampire Diaries, and stefan salvatore image
Actor. Birth (July 23, 1982).

Dylan O'Brien.

dylan obrien image teen wolf and dylan o'brien image
Actor. Birth (August 26, 1991).

Jensen Ackles.

supernatural, dean winchester, and gif image dean winchester, Jensen Ackles, and smile image
Actor. Birth (March 1, 1978).

So, guys. I will do part 2, but with girls.
I hope you like it.