Its funny how when you are a kid everyone tells you that everything is gonna be alright. then once you are a teenager life starts to hit you. Im 17 and I have a job and a car. I am getting my live together and Its fun. I stay in my room at night so nights like this doesnt happen. I walk in my living room to talk to my family and to actually have fun. But the same thing always happens I end up being kicked or hit for "being to rough" when I put one finger on my stepmom not even to mess with her or anything just trying to get her to stop and she just keeps on. My little brother I put a finger on after I let him play almost 4 hours of xbox and defending him in a fight and yet he gets me in trouble for no reason.. Pft and yet parents wonder why kids are sad and are doing anything they can to get happy. I am The Ghost and I know im just a kid but I have experienced enough to know what needs to be done in society