self care should not be reserved for just one day. you should take care of yourself everyday. however, i do like to take at least one day, a sunday, and focus on just myself and my feelings. so, this is what i do..

one of the first things i do is drink some water. this could be just plain water or fruit infused water. this will speed your metabolism as well as give you energy. then, you can make whatever morning beverage you desire. personally, i brew a pot of coffee.

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coffee is one of my absolute favorite beverages. i drink it everyday and sometimes, all day.

they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. so, make your favorite breakfast and enjoy!

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i don't necessarily like to eat as soon as i wake up, so i usually just wait until i'm hungry.

depending on what you want to do that day, you can either get dressed up or you can just be lazy.

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i normally go for the lounge-wear.

at some point, grab a book or your notebook and get to meditating! if you’re not fond of reading or writing, you can do whatever you like.

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this is one of my favorite things to do. i find it relaxing and you kinda get lost in it. playing music can also help me decompress.

for the entire day, you can do whatever you wish! you can create art, explore, etc… if you want, you can just stay in bed on your laptop all day.

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as the day winds down, i like to do hair and face masks. you can pick whichever you like most or what benefits you more adequately.

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i generally wash both the masks off in the shower. i also like to shave my legs and spend as much time in the shower as i want (or need).

before you lie down, reflect on yourself and your day. grab your journal and write down some things you like about yourself. write down some things you’d like to change and know you have the control to change. write out a list of things you need to do the next day so you’ll be organized and not rushed.

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this helps me a lot. as a person with a great deal of low self-esteem issues, if i find one thing i like about myself, even if i have to dig deep, i am merely content. eventually, that happiness grows