gif, joy, and red velvet image
❊ Red Velvet - About Love
gif, seo jisoo, and jeong yein image
❊ Lovelyz - Cameo
snsd and tiffany image
❊ Tiffany - Fool
exy, gif, and bona image
❊ Wjsn - Secret
amber, gif, and kpop image
❊ F(x) - X
black and white, k-pop, and park eunji image
❊ 9muses - Jururuk
cathy, gif, and kpop image
❊ Dia - Will you go out with me
SHINee, gif, and Jonghyun image
❊ Shinee - Prism
gif, kpop, and korean image
❊ JinSoul (Loona) - Singing in the rain
gif, kpop, and gfriend image
❊ Gfriend - Hear the wind sing