Someone once ask me about you
And couldn't say a word
She didn't understand it and thought that I was lying to her
I wasn't

See, I was never able to put what happened to us in words
And I'm always too tired to try it anyway
I just feel it
It's like a black hole in middle of my galaxy
It's consuming me. Getting bigger. And holding me together at the same time.
All I feel now is your gravity, babe

You're always shinning in the center of the galaxy
But let me teach you a little about astronomy
Every star dies at some point. It's how black holes are born
You were my Lucy star
A giant diamond floating around making a wonderful sound
Then, you sent your light to another solar system and all I was left here with was just the deep black empty space
And it is nobody's fault
It's just nature, the universe's stuff

You'll never stopping being beautiful
I wouldn't be stupid enough to stay in your way to your dreams
It's what you are living, right?

I love you so freaking much, but I feel so empty of your presence
The light hurts the eyes of the ones who have staying in the darkness for so long time
I miss you, babe