the first time was strange the first time I saw you I mean I had never felt anything like it you where a splash of colour on my grey world when we locked eyes it was like time stopped when you looked at me it was like you where actually seeing me not just my mask and that terrified me I couldn't look away but it was over as soon as it started

the next time I caught you looking at me you just smiled and I smiled back you seam to pop up wherever I go and I always seem to fine myself near you neither of us can get away.
but I'm not sure I want to anymore I mean god it hurts being able to see you and hear you but never being able to be with you but your laugh makes me happy in away I have not felt for so long and your voice makes me feel ok like actually ok and just you I can't help but watch you... your so unbelievably perfect you probably have a girlfriend... but I see you watching me and I can't help but wonder if you feel the same

I want to forget about you go on living my life like I was before but I can't get away I see you every day of the week and you see me where slowly spinning towards each other what happens when we collide I'm not sure yet