Hey lovely's, I was just scrolling through WHI and I realized that I have never done an article all about me! So I've decided to write this article so that you guys know more about me. Let's get started and I hope you enjoy!

The Basics
Name: Brandy
Age: 18
Country & State: Missouri, USA
Current Job: Gymnastics Coach
Future Career: Elementary Teacher
Favorite Color: Pink


fitness, beach, and yoga image girl, travel, and summer image fashion, girl, and style image art, beverlyhills, and design image
Doing gymnastics, going on adventures, shopping and just being lazy.

Simple Things I Love

fashion, girl, and style image coffee, theme, and indie image cat, girl, and cute image bath, relax, and hair image
Flowers, coffee, animals and taking warm bubble baths

Other Things I Love

Mature image tattoo, fashion, and girl image Image removed art, paint, and moon image
Fashion, tattoos, children and art

That's about all I have for this article but if you're more interested in knowing what I like go ahead and scroll through my WHI page because just about everything I've hearted is what I love! Also TYSM for reading this article!