1. Flowers & a whole lot of them
2. Customized shoes
3. Make them a homemade coupon book full of coupons that say things like "coupon to spend one full day in pjs and watch movies with me" or "coupon for one free hug from me"
4. A box full of confetti (why not?)
5. A homemade bracelet or necklace
6. Concert tickets
7. Take them out to a fun restaurant
8. Take them bowling
9. Take them to a movie
10. Throw them a surprise party
11. Write them a song (can be silly)
12. Make them a movie about your friendship
13. Make them a scrapbook
14. Really really nice personal letter
15. Picture collage on a canvas
16. A jar full of index cards each one written with a reason about why you love them
17. A deck of cards and each card has a reason for why you love them
18. A box filled with their favorite things (gift cards, candy, clothes)