You should’ve known by now that life to me is something complex, it can be either good or bad depending on your purpose in it.

Something that intrigues me is when people hide their true selves. Why do they give up on their goals and dreams for others? Why is it optional to wear a mask and move on?

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Only one logical answer I could think of is available: Life is a prison, a dictatorship where the law is written by destiny, where dreaming is a crime, true happiness is illegal and hope is sentenced by death.

In that government, citizens are brainwashed to only look for their advantages, not caring about other people’s feelings and misery.

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They might act heartlessly, mean, cold... Only because life obliged them to it.
Deep down no one is bad, everyone is their own kind of good, they’re just wearing many different masks: each one for a situation, environment, person, and place.

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Are they happy like that? I guess not.

Surely, there should be out there a bunch of rebels ready to lead a revolution against that way of life, they want freedom, by that I mean they don’t want the need to satisfy anyone. They want real happiness and to enjoy their temporary existence.

Ask yourself, do you want to help to change the world, or you want to keep unfairness and your fake mask on?

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Note: I truly wanna thank everyone for reading and liking my previous article "An Atheist's Beliefs", knowing that you all appreciated it made me really happy!