Hi guys! Sorry for making you wait for this article, I wanted to have a free day to do this, and since Sunday finally came, I'm here to share with you my first steps (baby steps) in the process of knowing myself.

I'll share with you what I did today, so that, if you want to, try it at home :)

To start, I decided to put on some comfy clothes, bring some water and listen to music that makes me feel cool. I've decided to use a journal just for this process, so that I can focus more on it and have a specific place for it.

Qualities/Flaws list

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Here I listed all my features. It's hard to identify this aspects about ourselves, so I decided to search on internet a list of qualities and flaws. I read them and wrote the ones I considered were part of me.
If you still struggle to find some of them, you can ask close people around you to tell you. Don't get angry if someone says you have certain feature, just think carefully about it, is it true or not you are like that?

Why is it important? Because this way, you identify the things that make you different, the things that you have to improve and things you should just accept because they're part of you. If you don't like a flaw, try to change it, but be aware that this doesn't make you less worthy.

Things I Love

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I listed all (yes, ALL) the things I love. Colors, flavors, people. Every single thing that makes me happy was written in my little book. This way you will be aware of what kind of things you want for your life and where do you find love.

Things I Hate

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Again, I listed all the things that make me feel disgusted (since hate it's a quite strong word). I felt really happy when I saw that there were way less things in this list. Doing this helps you because you see what kind of people you want to avoid, or what situations you shouldn't go through, or just what type of food makes you feel sick.

That was it for today. I wanted to do more things, but I had to struggle with the real life situations. Anyway, be sure to send me a message if you try this out. I would love to know how you felt!

I felt really good, since I thought about myself a lot, and it was like meeting a new person. Let's see how it goes next time.

I took some ideas from this article

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