Hi there, and welcome to coffee talk 2!! I am totally winging this and havent planned anything whatsoever. I am literally thinking and writing down exactly what I am thinking. So hopefully you all find this entertaining or what not. Grab your coffee cups and lets go. An expresso, possibly a latte, or even a mocha while your at it. It is currently 4:16pm. I just realized today is daylight savings, thanks to the lovely iPhone calendar reminders. This week I am seriously wanting to accomplish a stack of things, including actually cleaning my room, get caught up with school work, applying for colleges, ext. My yankee candle, pumkin festival flavor is smelling up the whole entire room, my puppy Maxi being the cutest, and my grades not so much. In all honesty I struggle, school is difficult, keeping good grades is difficult for me. Keeping up with chucrh is difficult. There are many difficult things in life, we just have to get through them. I know this isnt the most entertaining article, perhaps you would like to hear something along the lines of me falling, or embarassing myself, or maybe even getting struck by lightning, unfortunetly, this article doesnt mention that. But if you would like to hear some sort of crazy thing, yes I did once get electrocuted by a lamp. Anyways, my favorite breed of dogs are mini dachshund's and husky's. Love em both. So here is some pictures of puppies!!
- XOXO Ninah

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