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Though you have to work hard for your education, you also can have fun with the many things that the college campuses have to offer. These four years of college will go by really quick so make sure you do all of these things at least once.

โ™›Go To A Party

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When going to a concert or a party. Have fun! Meet new friends and dance until you cant anymore. But please stay safe you don't have to drink to have fun.

โ™›Go to the gym

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I know that you're tired from all the hard work you do in the classroom, but why not just get up and take time in improving your health?


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Cook for yourself, or cook for your roommates! Based on your experience, dont do to much you cant handle

โ™›Go to a club meeting

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There are variety of club meetings you can attend. Pick one or two and see how much fun they really are.

โ™›New Hairstyle

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Look up different styles that would fit you and then show it off!!!

โ™›Talk to a random person

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A couple of new friends wont hurt. Go ask for a classmates number or talk to a random person walking around campus.

โ™›Go to Office hours

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Ask for help and release most of the stress you have trying to figure out hard problems on your own.

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