Art is a bit hard to define, but its not hard to love. It gets us to think, to feel and to wonder. What lies beyond the art? What is the story? Today I'm going to show you some of my favorite art-pieces, and write a little about them. I hope you enjoy! 💫

1. "The starry night" by Vincent Van Gogh

art, blue, and night image

This is one of the most famous paintings and art-pieces of all time. This is an oil on canvas by Vincent Van Gogh. Vincent wasn't famous at all in his lifetime, and only sold one of his paintings. He also suffered from a troubled mind, and its said that he took his life in the end. The starry night was painted in june 1889, and is said to be the wives of the asylum he lived at of the end of his live.

2." The last supper" by Leonardo Da Vinci

art image

This art-piece portrays the last supper as it was told in the bible. Leonardo portrays the exact moment he says "Truly I tell you, one of you will betray me.", and the reaction these words have on the men sitting beside him. Leonardo started the painting in 1495 and finished it in 1498.

3." The Birth of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli

Abusive image

This beautiful paintings portrays the goddess Venus arriving at the shore after her birth. This is a painting you´re supposed to read from left to right. The goddess is standing on a shell being blown away to the earth by the westenvinds, where a woman who represents the earth and time holding a cape. With it, Venus can take her place as the processor of the heavenly and the earthly in the human mind. This was painted in 1478 by Sandro Botticelli.

4. "Self-portrait without beard" by Vincent Van Gogh

colours, sad, and vincent van gogh image

This is an 1889 oil on canvas by the famous Vincent. He was known to have paint a lot of self-portraits, but i especially love this one. Here we see a little different Vincent. This was also his last self-portrait, and one of the most expensive painting in the entire world. The price was 71,5 million dollars. Originally it was given to his mother as a birthday gift.

I really hope you enjoyed this article, art is so interesting and beautiful! It was hard to choose among so many great art-pieces, and i will for sure make another one. 🌟