Makeup has always be a debated thing with me, one moment I might love it or I'll want to throw everything out because I can't get one simple thing to look perfect. But there are some must have things that everyone should have whether they go all out or not.


Moisturizer keeps your face healthy and from dehydration while improving skin tone, skin texture, and some can protect you against sunburn.

I'm not really confident with recommending one specific moisturizer since I myself struggled to find one that worked with my skin, so I suggest that you do plenty of research before you or your mom buy a random brand (I got one by Clean and Clear and it just made me break out more because it didn't agree with my skin).

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Everyone should use lipbalm in my opinion no matter what (it sorta grosses me out if people don't idk why). I'd suggest staying away from lipbalms that are flavored with candy, etc. etc. like skittles lipbalm. It's okay to have fun but I wouldn't use that for a everyday lipbalm.

Lipstick, definitely isn't a requirement but if you have a dislike for your lip tone than maybe you like to. If you want to keep your lips natural looking then go for a pinkish color that is close to your natural color.

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Mascara just makes your eyes look fabulous, even without other eye makeup in my opinion.


I feel like a little bit of eyeliner makes you eyes look fabulous, even without other eye makeup too.

Honestly, this is my simple makeup routine (half of it) but I definitely think these are makeup must haves whether you wear a tone of makeup or not. I've girl that I'm friends with also owns one of each of these things even if their not big on makeup.

Don't feel like you ever have to wear makeup to fit in, your beautiful just the way you are. Whatever makes you happy, stick to it!

Xoxo, Kailynn.