I'm afraid of the future. I'm afraid not to reach the goals I have. I'm afraid to lose the dreams I have. To lose the hope to reach my dreams. But what are my dreams?
Explore them now... I just say they are big and hard to catch. But what's life without a little challenge?


love, couple, and sky image couple and kiss image baby, cute, and kids image baby, family, and kiss image
I want to feel love in every way I could ever imagine. I want to love someone for the rest of my life and I want to be loved by this person. I want to give love to my future children and family. I want to love.


alternative, books, and brown image titanic, leonardo dicaprio, and kate winslet image
Thousands of lives are haunting me in the night, thousands of stories to tell. Stories that have to be put in motion, stories I want to tell. I wish I could write books that let you cry and play in movies with meanings.


sky, sunset, and city image autumn, fall, and leaves image
In my youth I would love to live in all the big cities but when I get older and wiser I appreciate my trees around me and the birds' thistle every morning.

My Free Time

Image removed art, colors, and painting image coffee, food, and croissant image epic, mountains, and river image love, dance, and couple image Image by Laura
To see every little bit of the world, sketch my feelings and inspiration on a paper, have relaxed breakfast, learn new amazing things, dancing, laughing and all this with the people I love would make me to the happiest living being in the universe.


aesthetic, beautiful, and elephants image forest, nature, and tree image babys, boys, and couple image happy, kid, and sea image
How would a world look like without pain, with love for everyone, with happiness for everyone? I know I won't see this while I'm living but I want to be a part to reach it. I want to save animals, nature and stop the pain for everyone.


dog, animal, and cat image vegan, vegetarian, and vegies image girl, plants, and flowers image journal, book, and diary image
My lifestyle should inspire people, should motivate to be a good person. I will cuddle with my pets, go vegan, be active and as organized as I can be while having a lot of fun.

Yes, that's quite it. Here are the deepest of my dreams out for the whole world to read. But still, no one knows.