Hi, guys!!

Well, I wasn't able to see my own 8th day, so... I think they took it down? IDK. I hope it is still there.

SO. DAY 09.

Well, thinking on this one was hard... because there's a lot to talk about. I'm a person who doesn't like to share their feelings, like, if I'm sharing them it's because I really can't handle it and it's hard and this is really hurting me and I need to take it out of my system. But, that doesn't happens a lot. SO, getting back to it, there's a topic (and a think there's more girls that have maybe the same issue, or boys). This have been a problem for me since I'm like 11? I don't recall, but it is long ago: self-steem.

I have had low self-steem since long, long ago. I never knew how to have a "good" self-steem, how can I think positive about myself when people is always telling me that my type of body is bad? When I go to a shop and I can't find clothes because my body is bigger than it should be? It's like, people don't get it when they start to say "love yourself, you're beautiful" and stuff. It's hard to accept ourselves, because society is telling us to not. It's hard to don't care about what other people say about us, because that makes us insecure and shit, it isn't easy and it's not only a "teenager's thing", because my mom have low self-steem and she's not a teenager. What can I do to raise her self-steem when even I don't have a good self-steem?

Well, I used to not have a low self-steem. Because, I understood and I learnt to love myself.

I was bullied when I was like 10, people started to leave me apart of groups, to pick me up least in physical education, etc. I was good at sports, soooooo, it wasn't for that.

It was so hard for me, because I didn't like myself, I always thought that no one would ever like myself. Why would they?

Short story -I learnt to love myself because I wasn't going to change, because they way I am it's okay. I'm still losing weight but it's a thing of health (bc i will have diabetes if i don't take care of myself) but not a thing of self-steem. The end.

See you guys with the next day.

Lots of love, Cat.