I donโ€™t know if anyone else has ever felt this way
It happens to me very often
When someone acts mean towards me
Sometimes I think that I deserve it
But not because Iโ€™m sad and I deprecate myself
Maybe I feel like I deserve it because I am a bad person
Or at least I feel like I am
Everyone makes mistakes
And I try to be the better person I could be
But we all yell at people or say hurtful comments even if we canโ€™t notice
And itโ€™s not because we mean it, sometimes itโ€™s because of the circumstances
We feel sad or stressed or angry and we donโ€™t hear ourselves speak
And shit comes out of our mouths
But at the second we notice this we know it is too late to take it back
And we feel bad
Does that turn us into bad people?