I've been thinking about lots of different things especially after reading that astro article.
And, it speaks mainly about how there is an internal struggle between needs and wants and how this position finds it difficult to pin down exactly what it is that they want.
And, I think while that openly leaves room for expansion, it also isn't the best quality to possess.
While it is hard to decide an exact thing you want, the best thing you can trust is what you desire the most over time. What inspires you? What do you feel driven by?
It is definitely important to see that first of all.

Also, worrying about an output to a public audience shouldn't be a centre focus of every single thing.
That which you'd like to do in life is simply that which you've always wanted to do.
And the rest is about being moved by your willpower.

If anything, I'd like you to be more single assertive when you do desire something in life.
That direct approach and accepting your strength while you're doing it is something you should learn, not to feel guilty of. These feelings of guilty need to be looked into and understood the reason why.

Remember the reasons they pinpointed.