Have you ever felt out of it for a moment, like your mind is in doubt yet there's no single thought flowing in your head. Ironically speaking, the feeling of unpleasant peacefulness. its been happening a lot lately. Seeing empty fields of green evokes happiness within me as i arise closer to the window, staring out into the simplicity that humanity had before destroying mostly all of it. Its sad that what i described as a feeling of serenity and happiness was in something so profoundly simple, something we'd ought to see more of. I'm the type of person that questions everything, everything life has to offer. Why are we here ? why is life one endless cycle of passing information to one another? The answer however, is in humanity's desire to keep this zombie like cycle going. We are still exploring and learning about what scares us the most; ourselves. All we've done is analyze ourselves and our surroundings, life was, is and will be the study of humanity and the universe. Humans are yet to create vapid devices that leave a question mark to what our future is to become. No one truly lives to see the future. The way i see it, life is a test, humans have been granted a life filled with everything, what we do with it is how our end is chosen for us. You see, we've created, we've destroyed. But once we've polluted, destroyed and killed every living organism around us whats left? what comes after that? will we turn against are own kind? demolishing our own meat? will this be the long waited extinction of humanity?