getting bored easily is my downfall. last night i spent the whole day with the most amazing people exploring our favorite areas in los angeles. we ended our day around midnight and went to bed after talking for a bit. i fell asleep around 4am and woke up around 11 and was instantly extremely bored. none of my suite mates were around so i washed my face, brushed my teeth, and decided to watch the very last episode of "shameless" that is on netflix (which i have been putting off for ages). after watching for about 20 minutes i was bored again so i closed my laptop and started to text a couple of friends. everyone either wasn't responding or was busy. i was staring at the walls, changing the position i was in every 2 seconds, trying to find snacks to cure my emptiness. that instance brought me back to high school. i could spend 6/7 days of the week with my friends having an amazing time but on the 7th day i would be bored out of my mind without explanation. i hate being alone. there was a time in my life when i acclimated to being alone and actually found serenity in those moments. however, now i have lost all patients and the thought of being bored and alone terrifies me. i am currently in my school library avoiding my homework by writing this article thinking about how tyler, the creator must have felt when he wrote boredom for the flowerboy album. he must have felt something like i was feeling this morning. something like i felt all throughout high school. is there a solution to boredom when you're alone and unsatisfied. if there is i would love to hear it