Alohaa! My name is Kelly and welcome to a brand new article by yours truly. Today I'll be sharing 13 facts about me as part of a tag that's been going round WeHeartIt lately. I was tagged by two of my wonderful friends Michel (@night_wishes) & Aisha (@aisha_violinsta). [This tag was created by the lovely @itsqueenems]
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I love photography and film. It's been my passion since I was little mainly because my dad used to be a photographer and I've always had a creative mindset. I find it amazing how you can capture a moment in a photograph.
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❥ TWO :

I love fashion and researching into fashion trends, different styles and pieces of clothing. My favourite articles to write are 100% my fashion articles. If I had to describe my style it'll be trendy but comfortable.
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If you know me, you know that one of my idols is the legendary Cole Sprouse. Theres not much to say here without going into a lecture of reasons why you should love him.
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I live for Lipton iced tea. My favourite is peach iced tea and their lemon iced tea. I found out about this drink when my school had vending machines filled with drinks and I'd buy one every day at lunch which is pretty unhealthy... however, there aren't any vending machines at my school anymore so I haven't had one in months.
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❥ FIVE :

I play the violin and piano. I'm on grade 6 (ABRSM - Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music). I started playing the violin when I was 5 and the piano when I was 6.
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❥ SIX :

Sushi is definitely my favourite food.
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I love travelling. I've been to a lot of countries however I really want to visit Greece or Italy this summer.
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Art is one of my hobbies. I like to draw celebrities, objects and random doodles as I find it really therapeutic.
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❥ NINE :

Stranger Things and Riverdale are both my favourite tv shows.

❥ TEN :

I'm a crossover of the houses Slytherin and ravenclaw. I've taken the official quiz and I was sorted into Ravenclaw last year then Slytherin when I retook it this year so i guess I'm a bit of both.
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My favourite sports to play is hockey,badminton,basketball,volleyball and athletics (as long as its short distance). However, I also enjoy doing activities like yoga and learning dance routines outside of school ; i've also been getting into boxing.
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I'm a gamer. Not going to lie, i prefer watching gameplay posted on youtube by my favourite you tubers rather than playing it myself but some of my favourite games are fortnite, the last of us, the walking dead, Life is strange and uncharted 4.
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I rarely put makeup on and if I do then it's only concealer, eyebrow pomade,bronzer and liquid highlighter.
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I hope you got to learn some fun facts about me in this article. There'll be a new article tomorrow or on Tuesday depending on my workload!

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