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I remind all of you that English is not my first language, so I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes

These days the artist aesthetic is so popular, so I just wanted to share something that might inspire others that have learnt to love art and might consider taking classes for it or even want to do it as their job in the future. I love writing articles, especially if I can inspire or educate someone that has even the slightest interest in whatever I'm writng about.

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This time I will be talking about my experience as an art school student. This will be more like a story type if a thing, so I hope youll find it interesting and entertaining.

Lately, it has been popularized, I mean, doing art. Just a few years ago I had adults ask me "But you don't actually want to be an artist, don't you? " When I was a kid, it was nice to be good at art, but when I grew and ... well, became a teen it suddenly turned into something bad, like "oh no, she actually takes art seriously" type of a thing.

But I wasn't really intiminated by that. Yes, there was a time in my life when I wanted to do something with art/design , but those years were over. I took and still take art as just a hobby.

In 2nd grade, together with my friends and classmates I started taking art classes. The place was only a 10 minute walk away from school, so we all went there after . At 4th grade I entered Art School. Some of my friends left in the 1st year, but 10 of us continued and we are still strong together after these 5 years.

So I've spent 7 years going to Art School classes after school. As my friends mom is the teacher we were all really friendly with all the other teachers and were always their fave students ;)

Anyways, this is our 5th year. This is the year we gradualte. I will get my 1st graduation certificate in my life. And I just can't help , but look at all of the years together with my 9 amazing friends and different teachers.

The 1st few years are like I had been drawing in dark. I don't remember anything untill 2nd grade of Art School. I was in 5th garde back then and we had his really weird painting teacher that we all disliked, but she learnt us what this color is called

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and it is not simply yellow.

And I remember how she actually made us draw in dark.

Also I remember getting in a fight with my next/ current painting teacher, cause I hated water color sm and she got like all protective ... abt water color.

Also that time I did my molding work for 4 weeks, hated it, destroyed it and made it again... I made the second one in 1 hour.

Also when we did our first serious graphic design work and were all like crying and sitting on the floor, because computers are so goddamn annoying...

So now onto the real fun. Now onto what you actually expected from this article.

The whole procedure of doing the drawings/ paintings etc.

It's torture. Some of the things theyll make you do will make you question your existence and your skill. Cause sometimes you will do so bad... and even when the end result is good is painful to do all of those things even if you actaully like art. Some of the tasks will be so far away from your style, you'll want to kill yourself.

But that's okay. At the end we all always gain something from our difficulties and look, I didn't quit and I'm (almost) fine now. So just don't give up on things that you could gain something from, okay?

(also some of your work will probs turn out amazing, so just keep going untill you do well once and then, youll naturally will want to continue)

But honestly, being motivated is not easy at all, when your mind is even more of a mess than your artwork, you just need some help from others. Like a little pat on a back and "hey, well get trough this together" ant that is where your

Friends and Art School classmates come to rescue!

We have been trough so,so much. We've seen each other lough, cry, strip and what not. We have made some of the most iconic memories in our (for now) short lifes. For example,

The time friend "L" literally sat down and laid down on a street. Yes, the main street of the town. She literally was lying down on the street.

Or when "L" broke a wine bottle we were supposed to draw,

Or like the 10000000 times when "Ag" fell off the chair

Or and all of the times we've stolen each others food (like the whole package)

And ofc all of the times we've criend when having an artist block (idk if thats a thing) and couldn't come up with any ideas, especially now, when were doing

The thesis work

I changed my idea 5 times. From detailed drawing of 3 countries traditional costumes to a family tree.

But I think we've become really creative and artistic. Take a look at our thesis work ideas:

"An" is doing a mosaic (like this)

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"L" is doing grafiti

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"Di" is making toys for children

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"Ag" is drawing flowers

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"L" is making a multifunctional backpack, that works as a apron and a backpack

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"Am" is painting the sky

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"A" is making a light (it looks like a fire place, but I eon't be able to find photos :(( )

"El" is making a board game

And I am drawing a family tree.

I don't know, but I think we've grown up a lot. Not only physically , but metally. Not only graduating from art school will be a gain for our CV's, but also for our mental growth.

In this world, that is still slowly becoming ugly and is still being ruined, we just want to make something beautiful. Something that will speak to someones elses soul. Cause in this world people tend to do things for only themselves, but we artists create pretty things for others. We try our best to impress people, not to boost our own ego, but simply make that other person happy. Make them remember our art and make them relate to our art.