Hi everyone! I'm Jennshine and this is my first article. I wanted to write one now that I have more followers so I'm going to give you some self care tips for when you're stressed or you want to dedicate some time for yourself.

1. Listen to relaxing music

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I recommend you to create a playlist with relaxing music so you can have all your chill music there!

2. Read

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I love reading, it's the best way to de-stress and you can "live" other lives

3. Watch netflix

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I'm always watching shows, I love it. Some of my current favourites are Everything sucks!, Lost and Stranger things.

4. Have a bath

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I usually have showers, but sometimes I like to have a relaxing bath. You can use some bath bombs too!

5. Sleep

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Sometimes we're so stressed that the best way to de-stress and disconnect is to rest and sleep.

6. Use a face mask

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I recently discovered face masks and it's the best thing ever, trust me, if you have the chance to use one, do it. You can buy it or you can do it yourself.

So that's all for my first article, I hope you liked it, I will write another one when I have time.
xoxo, Jennshine