Hi everyone! It's Maze :). I'm writing this article because I want to share my experience I have as a server. And just a side note: I'm not saying every server thinks like me and handles things like me I'm just sharing my personal thoughts and experiences. Enjoy!

Taking your order
If I come over to your table and you don't know what you want, don't me rude to me. I'm here to make sure you have a great evening so just be kind and tell me you need more time. Don't be a bitch to me because I'm better bitch than you okay? :)

A busy day
Sometimes when the restaurant is very busy I obviously have to run around and help everyone. But there are always customers complaining that their orders are taking too long. I'm sorry and I get that it's taking long but I have 20 other tables who are also waiting. I'm not the chef and also not the one to blame. I will check if it's ready soon but that's all I can do.

I'm from a country where tipping is not really required but please give some tips (Only of course if you're a 100% satisfied). But I walk my ass of for everyone and I'm always kind to everyone and I try to make small talk with my guests. So even €1, works for me!

Dirty tables
Okay so sometimes people come in and even though there are empty tables everywhere, they sit at that one dirty table. Like, seriously?! Are you doing that on purpose or...?

I love children (sometimes) but please don't let them run around while I serve drinks. It's all about balance and if they run into me on accident I will accidentally drop everything on them.

Don't help me
(Talking about balance). When I'm serving drinks don't help me and get drinks off my tray (Is that the right word? I have no idea). I get that you wanna be nice but you'll make me drop it. Also when I'm taking away your plates don't put your cups on it because again, it'll throw me off balance.

Saying "good evening" doesn't hurt
Okay this happens a lot! I always say good afternoon or good evening or hi. But sometimes when I'm at a table they won't say that to me or they interrupt me while I say hi and immediately start saying what the want. To me this is just rude. Just wait a second and greet me :)

Silently judging
Are you ever wondering if your server judges you? Well I do! But not without a reason obviously. No.. If you're rude to me I will pray that you choke on your food. Oops..

I have nothing to say except: I love you. (Oh except that one prick that wants everything gluten-free while he doesn't even have an allergy. Screw you.

That's all I've got for now! Sorry if my English wasn't perfect, today is apparently not my day :). Follow me for weekly articles, collections and more! Bye-bye!