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As a french girl, living in the most visited country worldwide, I get sad when people only know France because of Paris. There are a lot of beautiful cities in France. I hope I'm gonna make you want to visit France. So here is a list of my favorite french cities (beside Paris):

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Big cities

  • Lille
architecture, beautiful, and france image earth and travel image architecture, girl, and lille image buildings and photography image
  • Lyon
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  • Nice
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  • Bordeaux
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  • Strasbourg
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  • Brest
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Little cities

  • Saint-Malo
ete, soleil, and mer image france, kiss, and sweater image saint malo and grande marée image beach, beautiful, and bretagne image
  • Antibes
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  • Menton
travel, girl, and beach image france, medieval, and menton image france, travel, and menton image
  • Aix-en-Provence
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  • Annecy
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  • Collioure
france, photography, and places image holidays and collioure image sea, sun, and collioure image fashion, france, and house image
  • Chamonix
roche, chamonix, and rock climbing image mountains image Image removed flowers, red, and house image
  • Roussillon
provence, lovely places, and roussillon image blue, bright, and colorful image
  • Amiens
france, saint-leu, and amiens image france, amiens, and saint-leu image cathedral, france, and amiens image clock, france, and nostalgia image
  • Porquerolles
building, photography, and windows image bicycle, bike, and floral image sea, Bleu, and holidays image france, sea, and sun image
  • Colmar
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  • Bonifacio
❤, Corsica, and ️ bonifacio image travel and view image coast, Corsica, and sea image Corsica, free, and holidays image
  • Cassis
travel, france, and nature image couple, love, and paris image boat and water image france, French Riviera, and nice image
  • Lorgues
france, var, and lorgues image france, summer, and tan image france, lorgues, and var image france, swimming, and weather image
  • Gourdon
france, medieval, and paysage image villa and gourdon image france, garden, and green image
  • Wissant
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