1. Zodiac sign 🌟
Being born on September 16th I am a Virgo

2. Hogwarts House ⚡
I belong to RavenClaw, I am really smart and when it comes down to it I will be picking up and learning anything i can within a matter of seconds.

3. Languages 👍
I mainly speak english and I am willing to learn any language. I would like to learn how to speak multiple languages but id rather learn german, russian, or greek.

5. Siblings 👭
I am the oldest of 6 siblings but it would have been 8 if two wouldn't have died at birth

4. Childhood Cartoon Crush 😏
Im not even gonna lie I cant really remember it but what I do remember was Jennette McCurdy (dont ask why I just thought she was a badass)

6. Childhood Imaginary Friend 👾
My childhood friend was imaginary but to me Charizard was always there for me

7. Videogames 👓
I am Currently playing Call Of Duty WWII. I like Playing fps (First Person Shooters because I like the fact you have to climb your way to the top against players who are actually good at the game as well

8. Music 🔊
Right now my favorite song is Hooka By Tyga and Young thug its my feel good song.

9. Exercise 🔋
I Run alot and im in rotc (military class for kids in high school) and we run and exercise every Friday

10. School 📕
Im no where near the best student. I will do good in history and science other than that I dont care for school id rather be working for my money

11. Fav movie genres ✨
I love love love horror movies. Some of my favorites are Hostel and The Ring. I like anything with blood in it and good death scenes not with ketchup but good blood.

12. Environment 🍃
My perfect environment is me being able to just be calm and collected and talking just about anything and people understanding what I am saying even if it does hurt their feelings they will understand where I am coming from

13. Shows 📺
My favorite shows are Impractical Jokers, Big Mouth, Big Bang theory, South Park, Rick and Morty, and Attack on Titan

@ciabruh01 This article was made because you challenged me to do one so here it is