Hi! As I did for Lana Del Rey, here are 3 songs from The Neighbourhood that remind me each sign. Enjoy!


  • Heaven
  • I Can't Even
  • Greetings from Califournia
red, quotes, and aesthetic image edit, indie, and music image art, artsy, and color image ep, grunge, and heart image jesse rutherford, rose, and the neighbourhood image art, grunge, and tumblr image


  • Afraid
  • Roll Call
  • The Beach
afraid, amazing, and background image aesthetic, afraid, and grunge image Image removed afraid, grunge, and indie image nature, road, and forest image Image removed


  • Say My Name
  • Compass
  • Female Robbery
pink, quotes, and sky image band, bands, and I Love You image compass, Lyrics, and the neighbourhood image lyric, random, and say my name image the neighbourhood, female robbery, and the neighbourhood lyrics image pink, quotes, and shady image


  • Daddy Issues
  • RIP 2 My Youth
  • Stuck With Me
movie, quote, and writings image aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image purple, city, and grunge image Abusive image indie, Lyrics, and art image alternative, grunge, and indie image


  • Single
  • No Grey
  • You Get Me So High
cig, lost, and lungs image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed jesse, yellow, and jesse rutherford image books, grunge, and indie image music, the neighbourhood, and you get me so high image


  • Leaving Tonight
  • Alleyways
  • Float
alternative, gif, and indie image quote and sad image Lyrics, alleyways, and the neighbourhood image Lyrics and the neighbourhood image I Love You, Lyrics, and my edit image band, boy, and float image


  • Honest
  • Cry Baby
  • Flawless
flawless, doll, and flowers image honest, pink, and boy image honest, Lyrics, and the neighbourhood image Image removed cry baby, grunge, and Lyrics image cry baby, indie, and Lyrics image


  • A Little Death
  • Wires
  • Let It Go
I Love You, Lyrics, and the neighbourhood image Temporarily removed let it go, the neighbourhood, and Lyrics image the neighbourhood, band, and black and white image grunge, all caps, and the neighbourhood image the neighbourhood image


  • Lurk
  • Can't Do Anything
  • Scary Love
concert, cool, and fuck off image Lyrics, jesse rutherford, and can't do anything image sunset, sky, and waterfall image adventure, grunge, and Lyrics image Lyrics, the neighbourhood, and jesse rutherford image adventure, bohemian, and boho image


  • Baby Came Home
  • West Coast
  • Wiped Out!
Devil, hate, and ocean image Image removed album, band, and hipster image h, older, and wiped out image alternative, sad, and thoughts image grunge, header, and Lyrics image


  • Ferrari
  • How
  • Prey
album, bands, and ferrari image ferrari, wiped out, and Lyrics image bands, music, and the neighbourhood image empty, sad, and god image music, the neighbourhood, and grunge image Lyrics, prey, and the neighbourhood image


  • Sweater Weather
  • Bloom Later
  • Alone
purple, aesthetic, and stars image Lyrics, music, and jesse rutherford image bae, clouds, and Lyrics image art, band, and bands image Lyrics, tumblr, and sweater weather image beach, sea, and sunset image