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Welcome to one more article, today I bring you one about school and how I can help you to get the best grade possible! I hope you like it, thank you for the 3.5k followers.

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1 Questionnaires
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Take your notes or even the book and turn everything into a huge questionnaire. For example "eukaryotic cells are complex cells made up of an individualized nucleus and cellular organelles" and you transform into "What are eukaryotic cells?" do you understand? And they can do this for all kinds of materials.
2 Read these questionnaires a lot
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Read this questionnaire a lot, walk around the house, talk to the wall or to your dog, the important thing is that you do not feel pressured. It's awful the thought of having to know that at all costs.
3 Record your lessons.
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I don't know if this is possible in all schools, but you can always try to ask your teacher and dedicate yourself exclusively and pass what he writes or projects on the board and you can be more attentive and use to make interpretations of the subject to your.
4 Make doubts.
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After class, ask questions with the teacher and as soon as you get home, pick up the tape and listen to it all at once. if you give, copy what is in the recording because there is a lot that the teachers say is not in the book / slide and they use at the time of the test.
5 Make a schedule.
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You don't have to stop living, I swear. you will still have social life, you just have to organize your time right. Basically make a timeline for you, with all the recordings, the time you take to write. ALL!
6 Creates music.
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Mathematics and Physics has many formulas, so you can always create a song, or rather make a parody. Imagine Harry's "Sign of the Times" and do your own parody.
7 Exercises online.
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This is very good, there are thousands of sites with interactive exercises that are so good and you can always train your skills.
8 Watch class videos.
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I always have to watch videos in Biology and Geology, because sometimes I already have the material forgotten and watching video-lessons you can always stop the video whenever you want!
9 Post-it notes.
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I'm not just talking about the most obvious how to use it to remember or use because it is more in sight but rather to use as a motivational form, write two-by-two motivational posts in post-its and it will help you immensely.
10 Watch series and movies
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If you have Spanish, French, etc., watch series and movies in this language and write the words you do not understand or try to pronounce certain words, it will help you immensely.
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