Hey Readers!

First of all, I want to thank you all for reading my articles, leaving hearts and reactions.

This articles is about my first week of March or whatever. Yas!

This week has been full of surprises for me. Surprises that I'd rather not tell here, as I am not yet ready to tell you all. But it was really, really interesting, which I'm pretty sure you'll find hilarious or maybe not.

I discovered new things about me, about what I like and what I'm capable of.

In this week, I managed to stand up for myself and to stay away from toxic people, who become the clouds in my sunny day. I've never been much of a talkative person or someone who cares for what they think about me. I just ignore them and block them out as my form of defence. And even if they're already mocking or insulting me, I will never react because I know that if I react it means it affected me, which I don't want to happen because it means giving them power over me.

My college friends would sometimes describe me as a distracted, dreamy and passive person and sometimes cold. I admit I can be like that sometimes but only as an exterior vibe. There's a quote I really like that can describe me:

I'm not heartless, I've just learnt to use my heart less.

This week felt like an eternity to end, but here I am, on a Sunday night writing an article. I hope my coming weeks do not feel as long as this one.

Thank you! And sorry for my English.

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