Here the Day 4 of the 30 days writing challenge of @themermaidwriter:

Day 4| Make a list of five places you want to visit

1. Los Angeles

bae, city, and guy image city, light, and photography image hollywood, los angeles, and california image disney, disneyland, and fun image

2. London

london, city, and Big Ben image london, city, and Dream image aesthetic, autumn, and hoodie image black, life, and magic image

3. Rio de Janeiro

beach, brasil, and brazil image brazil, rio, and rio de janeiro image autumn, black, and brazilian image beautiful, beauty, and builds image

4. Greece

adventure, beautiful, and places image Greece, boat, and summer image beach, nature, and paradise image bikini, boat, and chill image

5. Tokyo

asia, city, and night image city, cityscape, and japan image city, cityscape, and japan image asia, japón, and tokio image

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