I'm happy to be back in WHI! I was the acc @cozyconnie but WHI deleted my acc, don't ask why because I don't know! I had almost 3k followers and I feel so sad about the fact that I lost them):

Sometimes when you try to be consistent with writing articles there's always that moment when you are with no inspiration to write an article but you really want to write one! (I've been in that moment)

So that's why I decided to post "100 articles ideas" in case you are with no inspo to write! (All credits to Gen y Girl)

☕10 things you probably don’t know about me post.

☕Share your top 10 favorite movies.

☕Travel bucket list.

☕Travel essentials.

summer, bali, and hat image books, autumn, and fall image travel essentials, essentials, and travel image

☕How to properly pack a suitcase.

☕Favorite childhood memory.

☕An interview with someone you admire.

☕Inspirational quotes and/or your thoughts on them.

quotes and day image emotions, I Love You, and stay hydrated image quotes image emotions, I Love You, and love quotes image

☕Outfit of the day post.

☕Recipe post.

☕Share a few embarrassing stories with your readers

☕Favorite restaurants

banana, food, and white image food, breakfast, and waffles image healthy, food, and smoothie image food, cake, and yummy image

☕Friday favorites post where you link to your favorite articles/sites from that week

☕10 things I can’t live without post

☕Book review

☕Top 5 beauty products of all time

Image removed Image removed anastasia, beauty, and fashion image aesthetic, beauty, and champagne image

☕Music playlist post

☕Monthly goals

☕Weekend snapshot post where you share with your readers what you did that weekend

☕Date ideas post

black, dinner, and drinks image couple, love, and hands image couple, love, and car image baby, boyfriend, and couple image

☕Your favorite articles that you read regularly

☕Podcasts your readers need to listen to

☕Share with your readers your biggest success in life so far

☕Your bedtime routine.

Image removed dog and cute image awesome, bedroom, and gift image beauty, bedtime, and body image

☕Talk about an important life lesson you’ve learned recently

☕Your morning routine

☕Share with your readers your most epic failures and how you
overcame them

☕How you relax after a long day

home, inspiration, and relax image book, candle, and cozy image beach, sleep, and relax image home and relax image

☕Share with your readers your idea of “the perfect day”

☕A “day in the life of me” post where you write about what a typical
day looks like for you

☕Grocery haul post showing your readers your latest finds from the
grocery store

☕Beauty/fashion haul post showing your readers the latest things
you’ve bought

art, dress, and jewelry image fashion, girl, and style image art, dress, and jewelry image fashion and style image

☕Ask your readers a question

☕Write a letter to a younger version of yourself

☕Top 10 TV series of all time

☕Your favorite books

Image removed coffee and autumn image Image removed books and lazy day image

☕A post about why you started writing articles.

☕An arts and crafts tutorial

☕Host a giveaway

☕A what’s in my bag post

fashion, chanel, and drink image fashion, dior, and style image bag, girly, and style image bag, beauty, and fashion image

☕Share your fitness routine

☕Talk about your favorite way to exercise

☕A post about your dream job

☕If you could have lunch with one influential person, who would it be?

chic, girl, and gucci image fashion, style, and black image girl, fashion, and style image fashion, girl, and style image

☕Share your favorite phone apps

☕A monthly must-haves post (things you’re currently obsessed with)

☕Things that make you happy post

☕Share the things that keep you organized

college, study, and university image flowers, organized, and glases image rooms, tumblr, and closet image closet, clothes, and fastion image

☕When do you feel the most creative?

☕Participate in a challenge (think push-up challenge or no-spend
challenge) + share your experience

☕Share pictures of your workspace

☕Your favorite YouTube channels

girl, aesthetic, and beauty image icon, icons, and lq image gif, alex ernst, and toddy smith image aesthetic, glasses, and hair image

☕Talk about a hobby of yours

☕Your favorite articles tools

☕Q & A post

☕What’s your favorite holiday and why?

christmas, design, and luxury image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image 2018, rose gold, and article image animal, food, and cartoon image

☕Find a TedTalk you love, embed it into a blog post, and write about it

☕X things I’ve learned in X amount of years post (you can publish it on your birthday)

☕Favorite Etsy shops

☕Birthday wish list

beautiful, birthday, and boys image birthday, celebration, and derbyshire image birthday, food, and gold image birthday, cake, and chocolate image

☕A list of your favorite people to follow on Twitter

☕Share a freebie (create a checklist or a printable or something your
readers can download)

☕Share your pet peeves

☕Make a reverse bucket list – share all the cool things you’ve done

☕Talk about your pets if you have any and why you love them so much

☕Write about a particular fashion trend you’re loving (or hating)

☕5 fun things to do with your friends

☕Visit a new coffee or donut shop, take lots of pictures, and write
about it

aesthetic, coffee, and cappuccino image Image removed donuts, food, and red image Image removed

☕ Write about your weaknesses

☕ Put together a roundup post

☕ Write about your strengths

☕ Share your favorite things about Fall,Winter, Spring, and Summer

beach, bikini, and summer image flowers, tulips, and bouquet image adventure, autumn, and fall image cabin, snow, and woods image

☕ How do you love to spend your “me-time”?

☕ Free activities to do in your city

☕ What’s your family like?

☕ Things you love about your significant other

animal, baby, and dog image beautiful, brandon, and happiness image best friends, friendship, and suits image kylie jenner, kendall jenner, and sisters image

☕Share some budgeting/finance advice

☕If there’s an article you’ve read lately that you’ve LOVED, share it
and let everyone know how you feel about it

☕Write about your fears – what scares you?

☕Your favorite brands

beauty, makeup, and girl image Image removed eyeshadow, fashion, and makeup image makeup, beauty, and mac image

☕Put together a gift guide

☕Share pictures from any trip you take

☕Things you’ve learned from your mom or dad

☕Planners and stationary that you’re loving

stationery, bujo, and bullet journal image stationery, recap, and bujo image Image removed art, draw, and journal image

☕Put together a best-friend care package

☕Share your favorite cocktail recipe

☕Your favorite Instagram accounts to follow

☕Have an at-home spa night

glam, goals, and places image Mature image fashion, mask, and friends image bff, spa, and best friends forever image

☕Subscription box review

☕Share your favorite healthy snacks

☕How to spring clean your life/blog

☕How to throw a dinner party/brunch

black, breakfast, and dinner image black, breakfast, and dinner image drink, food, and meal image dinner, fashion, and inspiration image

☕Home tour (just don’t give away your address in case creepers are

☕Things you don’t mind splurging on

☕Favorite dollar store/drug store finds

☕Everyday makeup routine

brunette, fashion, and makeup image girl, makeup, and pretty image beauty, bold, and girl image makeup image

☕Productivity tips

☕Food prepping

☕Share any life hacks that you know

☕DIY gifts for any occasion

So here you have 100 articles ideas!



I love you guys!