Remember my articles about what would Bratz be like if they were real? Well, @selenatorofcgomez suggested me that I should continue and do Winx Club, which was also a TV show I loved as a child. I loved the idea so let’s get to it!

Stella is the Fairy of the Shining Sun. She has straight long golden-blonde hair and hazel eyes. She is into fashion and shopping, and her dream is to be a fashion designer. Her style is unique and girly, and she's always wearing heels and a cute bag. Stella wants to be successful and powerful, and she is very admired, the most popular girl in school. Even though she is usually seen as proud and self-centered, she is supportive, generous, and loves to help others. In real life you can find her tanning on the beach - she is the crown princess of Solaria after all!

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