1) I love doing nails and i were fake nails the most of the time
2) I'm 14
3) My favorite places is Paris and Vienna
4) I'm going to USA this summer
7) I love the old disney channel
8) I really love disney movies - I'm watching Coco atm
9) My favorite disney princess is Belle
10) I love english and history
11) My favorite historical shows is Reign, Victoria and The Crown
12) My favorite show is Modern Family
13) My favorite color is blue
15) I've always wanted to dance ballet
16) I once had yoga classes
17) My favorite actress is Adelaide Kane
18) I wanna go to Australia
19) I love making playlists
20) I love doing makeup
21) Only half of my hair is little curly witch is really annoying
22) I'm really shy
23) I have hazel eyes
24) My favorite flower is sunflower
25) My favorite season is fall because of the colors
26) I love cozy socks
27) I have an obsession with mermaids
28) The last place i were was Berlin
29) I love fashion
30) I have an obsession with shoes
31) When i'm older i want to live in London or Oslo
32) I love watching Keeping up with the Kardashian
33) My favorite Kardashian/Jenner is Khloé
34) I love to take pictures
35) I love dogs