Hi guys, whats up? So today I decided to share what plan I am going to follow during the next week. Since Im a beginner, I'll start slow. I'll only workout 3 or 4 times a week. Why dont u join me?


Well, this is something I'll do before I workout. This is what I call "warm-up".

- 50 Jumping Jacks
- 50 Butt Kicks
- 10min on an Elliptical Machine (if u dont have one, u can just run in place or repeat 5x the exercices above)

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Here u have an easy cardio workout.


I decided I want to start my week with an easy leg workout.

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~ Leg Day ~


Today it is abs day.

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~ Abs Day ~


Dont know if u noticed but we skipped Wednesday. It was our rest day, but today we are going to train our arms and back.

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~ Arms and Back Day ~


We had another rest day - friday. To finish our week, we have a little cardio workout. It can be a walk or a run, for example.

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~ Cardio ~

That's all for this week, I hope u like it and follow this with me. I'll do another article sharing with u how my 2nd week is going to be.

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Have a great week, xoxo