I used to be a lot less confident. I'd be worried about a lot of things. I wouldn't be writing this right now. I would be too worried that no one would read it or someone would judge it. These things would keep popping up. One thing I learnt was that no one cares. No one will be worrying about what you did because they're too worried about themselves and you may be blowing it out of proportion.

Empowerment happens the minute you realise that you don't need validation from anyone besides yourself. No matter who the person is, it doesn't matter because you're living your own life and others are living theirs. Achieve your goals because it sets your soul on fire, not because of someone else.

Whether someone is older than you or younger, they cannot tell you how to live and what choices are right and what are wrong. Wisdom doesn't come from age but experience. You can be 18 but have experienced more and understand more than a 60 year old. Age and gender shouldn't come into play when it comes to doing what you want. If it's good for you and your physical and mental being then do it!

Take a good look in a mirror. That person staring back at you is the only person you need validation from. All the things you think are terrible make you who you are. They're not terrible, they're what make you different and being different isn't a bad thing. You're beautiful the way you are. You are smart. You have what it takes.

If someone says something bad to you or makes you feel like you're worthless. Just smile and let that comment fade away because they're just worried about themselves. Focus on making yourself the best version of you and you can help other people as well but don't forget to put your well-being first.

You've got this! You are your own happiness and don't let anyone bring you down!