I was sitting on my bed today like I do every day and I was thinking about things. But today something different came to my mind. I looked around and I realized how things have changed. Year ago I was sitting in different bed, different room and in different flat. i was thinking about different people, places and things. I had different problems…. After all I was different.

I was insecure, fragile, stressed and polluted by unnecessary feelings and toxic people. People that are no longer in my life and feelings that disappeared with them. By the time I had to learn how to love myself even if no one loves me, how to be happy even when people around are pulling me down and how to be tough when all I want is to cry.

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I went throw my little hell that I build for myself with other people.

In difficult moment I was thinking about life. Nothing more. Colorful leathers, rainy days, sunny mornings, ocean waves, shinning stars, street lights… little things that I didn’t even knew that I like because I never stopped and I never asked myself what I like the most. That’s when I learned that I need to listen to myself, not to other people. That’s when I realized that all I have for sure is me and I can always count on myself.

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I was thinking about my future. About my first flat and my first car. I was thinking about things that I can do and places that I can see. I was thinking about myself and I didn’t care if I was selfish. It was about me and no one else.

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I was my own savior.

I found strength in me and I saw that maybe I’m not superwomen but I wasn’t in right place for me.

You don’t need to agree on bad things just because you think that you don’t deserve better. You always deserve better but If you want something better you need to stand up and get it. It’s not easy but it’s possible. I have problems and I have harder moment but it’s easier because I see everything better and things seems to be easier. I’m just positive and calm down.

Life is life and you need to learn how to make lemonade when it gives you lemon. Sugar and ice is something that you get in proses.

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Have some fun and live. When you don’t know better it’s easy to get lost in shit.

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