One of my favorite Tv shows is the 100♥
I am in love with this show , I love all the amazing actors and the Characters.
But if I could cast other actors into this series, this is my choice ♥:
( Don't get me wrong! I really love the actors and I would not replace anyone, this is just for fun ☺)

Nina Dobrev as Clarke Griffin

nina black and white cry elena

Ian Somerhalder as Bellamy Blake

damon damon damon damon

Indiana Evans as Octavia Blake

Superthumb Superthumb blue lagoon Superthumb

Dylan O'Brien as Jasper Jordan

Superthumb boy teen wolf Superthumb

Alisha Boe as Raven Reyes

alisha boe Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb

Steven R. McQueen as Finn Collins

Vampire Diaries Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb

Claire Holt as Lexa

vampire elena The Originals Superthumb

Click on the photos because there is some GIFs
hope you enjoy,