Being a teenager is quite hard. One day you're super productive and the other day you lack motivation to move your ass off the bed. Either be an insecure-not-so-famous-kid or the well-to-do-kid, this stage of life makes you (the real you). You'll find and lose some friends which is a part and parcel of teenage. Welcome to the world kid!

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Some days you're into EDM and the other days into melody. Mood be like a roller coaster from idgaf to i wish idgaf bout these things in 0.0001s.

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It sux -.-

Blinking at the wall at nights wondering what would possibly be the point of your mom yelling at you to keep your room tidy which she knows would never happen; the lectures of your dad who thinks that family time would make you trust in relationships. Like why?

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Promising yourself to live the life you aspire to and somewhere deep down knowing that it won't happen but still hoping on life to be easier. poor you!

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A heap of what ifs and a bunch of oops.

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Apparently, being lost in your own dream world of realistic anxiety; managing school seems to be pretty tough too.

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BUT NEVER LET THAT FIRE IN YOU SETTLE DOWN FOR THESE REASONS. I mean you've survived this far and just a couple more years to go.

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Stay Clumsy!