It's scary to lose something precious
the thought that it will happen in time
no matter what is terrifying
time terrifies me in general

trying to stay in the past
will keep you stuck
and you won't move forward
but moving forward is also scary

How can I get everything out of my time
here in the present?
they say get everything out of your youth!
But doesn't that depend on how you view life?

I see people getting famous,
getting married and wanting to be a mom
wanting to get dressed up to feel pretty or for the attention
why does this feel so far away
is this what it means to get everything out of youth
A point of view I don't share but still get shoved up in my face
every day

I'm getting anxious
time is going forward, I'm getting older
people around me too
am I the only one having a hard time with it?
I'm still a kid, why can't I see myself
living as an adult

I thought back than being a kid was the best thing
and it seems I was right as I reached this point
I have asked what I need to do as I'm stuck
I got one cruel but true answer

Accept it

Because time has no mercy

This is for you