Today I will write about the other part of my skincare routine that comes at night and is equally important and simple. Once again, quick and easy steps using natural products to take care of my skin in the best way possible. As you will see, though, at night I follow more steps to clean my skin, as I think that firstly, I need to clean it well and thoroughly after a full day of wearing makeup and being outside in the pollution and dirty environment. And secondly, I use more products, as my nightly sleep will give time to my skin to soak up everything and heal overnight, so I will wake up with a plump, healthy, clean canvas.

Step 1

You can call this taking your make up off, you can call it an oil cleanse, you can call it whatever. The point is I always do it first to take off any makeup I had on my face whether it was all day long or for a couple of hours only. I use pure, organic coconut oil, I rub some in my hands to make it smooth and then rub it on my face in circular motions. It's amazing as it breaks down even the most stubborn waterproof mascara and long lasting lipstick, while at the same time hydrating and treating your skin. I then use a cotton round to wipe it and any make up off of my face.

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Step 2

After taking my makeup off, I wash my face to take off any left over coconut oil, makeup and dirt that has stuck on my skin. I use a handmade bar soap (the same one I use in the morning, as well) made from olive oil and cinnamon essential oil. I just rub it in my hands and then use the foam to clean my face in circular motions. Use any kind of soap that suits your skin and nees, just make sure it's as natural as possible, so that no harsh chemicals will dry out or damage your skin. The gentler, the better, trust me.

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Natural Handmade Soap Bar with Organic Olive Oil, Cinnamon Essential Oil and Propolis Extract for Acne Skin with Antiseptic Properties

Step 3

To tone my face at night, I use a more "efficient" toner to make sure it'll heal and clear my skin well. I use natural, pure witch hazel toner that I buy from my local bio/essential oil store. Witch hazel has strong antioxidant properties that kill bacteria that lives within skin’s pores and speeds up healing, making it ideal for acne scars and marks.

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A good option that many people swear by is the Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner with Aloe Vera

Step 4
Serum/Spot Treatment

To be honest, I don't know a lot about serums and I only recently started doing this extra step, but it has surely helped a lot with my skin. As a serum/spot treatment I use vitamin E oil. It comes in little capsules and I just open one and rub a little bit of oil in the spots that are very red or dark and on my stubborn, old scars and let it soak well for a couple of minutes. Vitamin E oil is ideal for concentrated skin healing and preventing or minimizing the appearance of scars.

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Vitamin E oil is very easy to find in pharmacies and drugstores

Step 5

A very important step you should never skip, no matter your skin type. The most perfect, miraculous night moisturizer I have ever tried for sure, rose hip seed oil! This oil truly does wonders to your skin, it treats acne, dryness, marks, scars, aging, everything. Just find pure rosehip seed oil (not just rosehip oil, it's not the same, although good as well, but not as good), it has a deep orange colour and feels amazing on the skin. Put a thin layer all over your face and let it work its magic overnight. It will absorb during the night and you will wake up with glowing, plump and, with time, clear skin.

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Step 6
Eyelash & Eyebrow Care

This is a very important step for me, but you don't have to follow it if you don't want to. I always take a clean spooly, deep it into castor oil and coat my top and bottom eyelashes and comb my eyebrows with it well and leave it overnight. Castor oil promotes hair growth and I've see amazing results from using it every night. It has made my eyelashes and eyebrows thicker and stronger and bushier and it won't irritate your eyes or skin at all.

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That's all I do to take care of my skin at night and it pays me back amazingly. I know it might seem like a lot of steps for some people but it doesn't take me more than 5-10 minutes to do. It makes a huge difference on how my skin looks, it has helped me heal my scars and acne and the natural products I use make sure I don't overwork my skin, I simply give it what it needs.

P.S. I'm not a dermatologist or anything, these products just work great for me and I'm not afraid to recommend them because they are natural, so no harsh chemicals will damage your skin. However, I cannot guarantee that they will work for you too.

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