The rainbow club is a department in the small town of Rosefield, where LGBTQ+ teens who were kicked out of home find a safe place.

The members are:

Harry (20)
- The dad
- Loves asian food
- Loves tea
- Has a boyfriend called Even
- Works in a Café

Tassia (19)
- A punk lesbian
- Family dissapointment
- Loves green
- Works in a music store, and loves it
- Likes Shakespeare secretly

Tori (19)
- Nonbinary
- Miss their brother the most
- Addicted to coffee
- Kinda done with all the bullshit
- Likes to bake with Mia

Cameron (18)
- A caring big brother
- Has a girlfriend, but no one belives him
- Loves strawberries
- Sensitive
- Pansexual

- Would nap for days if he could
- Crazy about greek mythology
- Junk food
- No, he's not waiting for the "right one"
- Really sentimental

Jess (16)
- Hides cigarettes from Harry
- Is drunk half of the time
- Gets in way too many fights
- Left his house himeself
- Always horny or angry

Noah (16)
- Loves nature and plants
- Red converse of nothing
- Trans and proud
- Tired of all the bullshit
- Wants to be a biologist

Tina (15)
- Takes a lot of polaroid pictures
- Junk food (Patrick is a bad influence)
- Awkard af
- Likes skating
- Wants to travel the world

Mia (14)
- Loves to bake
- An actual cutie
- Likes fashion and books
- Trust really easily
- Sweet and caring