Hello,my beautiful followers,

I have read so many articles about this challenge that I thought it would be fun to try it out myself.

My name is Kimberly.

K: Kiev, Ukraine

black, photo, and ukraine image autumn, centre, and europe image beauty, coffee, and kiev image beautiful, city, and kiev image

I: Istanbul, Turkey

istanbul image istanbul image istanbul image istanbul image

M: Maui, Hawaii

sunset, pool, and beach image beaches, hawaii, and maui image beaches, maui, and paradise image fashion, hawaii, and maui image

B: Boston, Massachusetts

boston, new england, and cities image boston, winter, and city image winter, snow, and christmas image beautiful and city image

E: Edinburgh, Scotland

scotland, city, and edinburgh image beautiful, city, and clock image beauty, books, and edinburgh image edinburgh, europe, and places image

R: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

rio de janeiro, beach, and brazil image Image removed brasil, places, and rio de janeiro image travel, rio de janeiro, and brazil image

L: Los Angeles, California

los angeles, san francisco, and photography image lights image grunge, dark, and los angeles image fashion, night, and girls image

Y: Yokohama, Japan

city, japan, and Yokohama image light, shooting, and Yokohama image travel image beautiful, blue, and casual image

Thanks for reading!!!