i remember the first day we met
we walked together to the beach
it was one of my favorite place
i've never gone to the beach
at 9pm with someone before
but i did it with you

i was happy
i couldn't stop smiling
and you knew that
the stars were shining
the sound of wave was incredibly beautiful
and we were just walking and walking

we talked about our life goals
we talked about ourselves
we talked about our family
we talked about our friends
and it was only the first meeting
but i felt like we've known each other for ages

then you asked me
in the first meeting
"is this a date or a hangout for you?"
at that moment,
if you were someone else
i wouldn't have known what to say
cause it's a sudden question

but it was you who asked
and i felt comfortable
and can just be myself
so i asked you back
with a smile on my face
"what do you think?"
because honestly,
i was confused as well

i didn't want to say that it's a date
because i wasn't looking for a date
i thought it was just for fun
i thought we wouldn't meet again
but you're different
from the very first we talked
i already knew you're different
and i didn't want to hurt your feelings
if i said it on the first meeting

what if he thinks it's a date
what if he wants more
that's what I've been worrying about
but then you said
and that made me smile
so i nodded my head
and said "then both"

from the very first time
i already knew that we shouldn't be together
we both have goals that we want to achieve
our life goals
and we'll do everything to make it come true
and we're both just scared
to the fact that we might
fall in love to each other
and that will distract us

we should have known better
that we shouldn't meet in the first place
but what's done is done
all we do know is
to find a way
on how can we control ourselves
for not have feelings
to each other